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Yesterday my time was limited for writing. We found that the Airport haswirless, however, apearantly it closes after the last flight, at 9:00. Go figure. It was sort of a sobering to see so many devistated homes. Many of the streets we traveled no longer had homes on them . I have attached some additional photos. Photos however can do not justice to this tragedy. We surveyed appoximately 5 milse of the coast. The huricane had a diameter of 300 miles, and brought a surge of water that reached as high as 35 feet and traveled inland several mile in some places. The area that we were able to go is actually not open to the public. We met up with a gentleman after church whom offered to give us a tour beyond the national guard stations. This tour was an exceptional pleasure and yet a horrific sight. I will let the pictures speak for the rest.

Other noteworthy events that took place on Sunday:

Nick preached at Orange Grove Presbyterian. His sermon was moving and seemed to touch the congregation. In attendance were not only members from the Orange Grove congregation but members from a Long Beach Presbyterian which was left unusable after the huricane and is also located behind the "no go zone" as we have deemed it. Also in attendance were the relief workers from P-Dat (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team). My count had attendees from the following states: California, Pennslavania, Virgina, Kansas, New Jersey, Mississippi, and even Ontario, Canada.

Some additional interesting developments are that the head of the P-DAT organization on site is Mark White. Appearantly he served as an intern at FOPC many years ago when Bill Steele was on staff. Also, the pastor from Long Beach Presbyterian once served in the Air Force as a Chaplain and was stationed at McClellan in 1977. The first Presbyterian church he ever attended was FOP. Now he is a Presbyterian minister.

Late last night Nick and Denis and I went out and stoped by the trusty national guard station to see our friend Joe Chandler. He has been paid a visit by one or both of us every night. Tonight we went and purchased them some coffee. Also pictured is Specialist Jones.

This is a Picture of Ryan Kihm. It was exciting to touch the waters of another ocean.

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