day 5 Nicko

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Hey everyone I guess it time that I add something to this blog. It has been an amazing trip so far, we have met so many people each of which have a story. Because of all the stories Scott, Denis and I went to Circuit City to get a digital recorder. We have not had the time to test it out yet, but rest assured we will tomorrow. We are taking a lot of pictures and video which we will try to compile and have aval. for people to see. Actually we are going to work on two roofs tomorrow both are approximately a mile and a half. One of the houses is owned by a true “Down Home Southern Lady” her name is Sandra (the above pictures are of her house and grandpa Bob falling asleep). She is one of our contacts for the trip. We got to go through her house this morning and see the damage from the surge of sea water that came in during the hurricane. Her house had over five feet of water going through it at one time. The house was literally moved inches off its foundation. The house is now totaled and will have to be bulldozed soon so that the new house can be built in its place. As a thank you for all we are doing here she is actually going to cook a bucket load of GUMBO for us tomorrow! I am very excited about this be cause I have never had true Gumbo before. We may also have a shrimp fry if there is any shrimp in the market. Not all the shrimp boats have gone back to work yet due to the hurricane.

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  1. Anonymous Margaret 

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you for what you are doing! Sheila just introduced me to your site and I am deeply moved by the pictures. George and Linda Bates are longtime friends and I am not surprised at their involvement. Tom and I wish we are with you ministering to our people in our beloved homeland!

  2. Anonymous Donna 

    Thanks so much for all the work you're doing for my friend Sandra. It's wonderful to know there are so many caring people in the world!!!

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