Day 8 - Scott - Man Down

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We lost a good soldier today. I delivered Nick to the Airport at 12:30 this afternoon to catch a flight. I know that he will look to this when he arrives home. Thank you Nick for your service to this team and to this community in Gulf Port. Nick's presence will be missed amongst the team. I was glad to spend the morning with Nick, though we spent 2 of our hours waiting in a line at the drive through roofing supply department at Lowe's. After dropping of the materials for the job the team started later today we breached the security at the coast and drove along the coastal highway and saw some additional damage. Same apparantly was covered by the national press, but we found it rather impressive. We were able to walk right up to a floating casino that was moved by Katrina and left sitting on top of a hotel about a mile away. See the attached picture.

The team got a great jump on the home of an elderly lady whom does not atend the church. She is left with her husband who has been under hospice care in their home for over a year. This project will complete our roofing assignments. We should finish by mid-day Saturday. Upon our arrival we had agreed to complete roofing for one building and repair another. By the time we leave we will have completed 4 roofs and 1 severe patch job, much more than we imagined. Bob seems somewhat happy about his crew. We have formed a strong working bond with each other.

I have not said enough about Bob's leadership. He has been a fantastic leader on the jobsite. We truely could not have endevored this without his expertise. He has great concern for the final product, and has shown great patience with our limited skills and experience. He hs made us a capable roofing crew. He has also formed a charming bond with our youngest team member, Ryan. They often fight for shotgun.

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